Fence modification on Hwy 16 for pronghorn migration access

Pronghorn crossing sign on Hwy 16 in Northeast Utah

Daniel Olson, Wildlife Migration Initiative Coordinator of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR), announced to collaborators a new development in a pronghorn crossing project on highway 16 in northeastern Utah. Using GPS tracking data, the UDWR was able to determine that mesh wire fencing was blocking a pronghorn seasonal migration route. For many seasonal migrants, access to summer or winter ranges, and the routes to these ranges, can be critical for survival.

In October 2020, Olson’s team modified 100 feet of the fence by removing the mesh wire and installing a wildlife-friendly dropdown fence, essentially creating pronghorn crosswalks. Four warning signs were installed near the crossing locations to alert motorists of pronghorn crossing in the area.

The team have been monitoring the crossing locations with GPS tracking and trail cameras to see how well the modifications have fared. GPS data shows at least one collared animal using the southeast crossing, and trail cameras show some uncollared animals using the northwest crossing.